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Non-Medical attendant can provide care at home for elderly

Elderly people usually prefer to live peacefully in their own homes with their loved ones. They like their comfort and peace of mind. Care at home for seniors is a kind of personal care which is given to them at their home. The main purpose of it is to avoid sending the seniors to a hospital or any living facility for elderly people like an old age home.

The main reason of not sending the seniors to an assisted living center is the heavy cost which would rip you apart. However, there are some daily activities like washing, dressing and grocery shopping that the elderly people are unable to perform. For this purpose, they may require care at home.

In home care provides the seniors with a lot of care and attention to meet their needs by professionals or by family members. The demand for in home care is increasing day by day due to a large number of seniors retiring on a daily basis. This means the elderly person will get better service at the comfort of their home.

What to expect in home care service?

According to surveys conducted, a majority of seniors prefer to stay in the vicinity of their homes. Its their home and their place where they are at comfort and ease. The thought of moving them to a nursing home or an assisted care center may trigger feelings of depression and anxiety in them.

The best thing to do would be to provide the seniors with care at home. For instance, a senior who has just had a hip surgery done would be much comfortable if a physical therapist pays a visit to their house rather than them going for a check-up at the hospital.

These physical therapists and nurses are experts and they will tend to the needs of the elderly at their homes. Each and everything at the home belongs to the elderly. It is their home where they can sit on their sofa, sleep on their bed, use their own washroom and be themselves.

Another study conducted also revealed that those elderly people who had frequent visits from nurses and physical therapists at home as well as those who got care from non-medical attendants had to pay lesser visits to the doctor.

Benefits of care at home

One of the best things about care at home is that home care workers can act as a team similar to the type they do at the hospital. Their team work and coordination can do wonders for the elderly and seniors. This proves that a non-medical attendant can easily provide care at home to the elderly.

Non-medical attendants may be family members who would take care of the elderly by their own choice. Some of the services that non-medical attendants can provide to the elderly include:

•             Monitoring their blood pressure

•             Keeping an eye out for any wounds or injury to the elderly

•             Providing the elderly with education

•             Making meals and attending to the needs of the elderly

•             Listening to their grievances and giving them company

•             Taking them out for a stroll occasionally

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