Caregiver Tips: How to Take Care of a Stroke Patient?

If you are looking for some caregiver tips for stroke patients, read on.

The incidence of stroke in Pakistan is believed to be higher than about 200 patients in a population of 100,000. Unfortunately, stroke is a major public health problem has been ignored by health care authorities. One of its major causes is high blood pressure, which is also very common in Pakistan. A survey revealed that more than 30% population above the age of 45 are suffering from high BP, whereas 12% population above the age of 15 is suffering from high cholesterol, and most of the cases are undiagnosed and uncontrolled.

Stroke Patient

There is a cure to every disease and stroke is also one of the diseases that if its pre-requisites are taken care of, then individuals can be saved from its worst effects if not little. The good news is that stroke patients can fully recover within six months of time if they take proper care and medication. Steps can be introduced that help prevent future strokes. This can be done by controlling risk factors and using certain medications as per the situation of the patient. A caring and loving medical attendant or caregiver can also help the patient recover quickly and come back on their feet.

Additionally, there are few measures that can help a stroke patient regain their confidence in living a better and active life:

Diet & Nutrition Intake

Since cholesterol is one the main causes of a stroke, a diet high in sodium should be avoided since it leads to obesity. Similarly, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits may reduce the risk of further stroke attacks and can help regain one’s activeness. Low-fat dairy products and fish are a great help in helping a stroke patient improve quicker.

Sometimes, it is not just about what a stroke patient eats, but it is about how he wants to eat. A caregiver at home or nursing staff at the hospital should understand that eating habits may deteriorate after stroke in a patient, but rebuilding their likeness for food can help improve their condition massively.

Smoking should also be immediately stopped as it plays a high-risk factor in developing stroke for the first time as well as increased chances of another episode if it is not quit on time.

Medication & Follow-ups

Taking proper medication and following routine medical checkups and tests can also help a stroke patient in speedy recovery. Likewise, there could be side effects of the medication they are taking for caregiver tips treatment and they can have mood swings, sleeplessness, lethargy etc.

So keep a watch on your loved one who has suffered a stroke and needs your love and care. Consult a doctor immediately if the side effects persist and the patient is getting impatient due to the effects. Following regular checkup routines will also help stroke patient regain their interest in daily routines and activities. You can also get help from a professional staff nurse or a caregiver to take care of your loved one at the comfort of your home. This will not only save you expensive hospital bills, but it will also give you peace of mind that your loved one is at home with caregiver tips with you.

Physical & Emotional impact of a Stroke

A stroke patient may appear stronger but they are as fragile after the first attack as after another one so taking care of the physical and emotional needs of a stroke patient is very important. The first and foremost step is to remove as many unnecessary objects and clutter as possible from their room so they can move around easily and make open space to avoid falls. Adaptive tools like slip-resistant mats and knives for one-hand cutting should also be instilled in their room to help them move around safely.

Similarly, you also need to take care of a stroke patient’s falls. Take a fall very seriously because it can be crucial for stroke patients in terms of their health and can be very devastating emotionally. The confidence to grow out of this disease might come to a halt if a patient finds out how serious a situation they may be in.

Always motivate the stroke patient to walk and communicate whatever he is feeling and thinking. This is necessary because stroke patients, particularly those who were very active before a stroke, might suffer from anxiety and depression which can worsen their condition. Therefore, talking to your loved ones is always better for them.

No matter what precautions you take for your loved ones suffering from stroke, your love and support will make them come out of any difficulty they may face! If at any stage you feel it is not possible for you to take care of your loved one, you can get professional help. Contact Holistic Healthcare Services at  03 111 678 679 so we can arrange professional caregiver tips or attendants for your stroke patient. We offer services in Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and surrounding areas.

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