Omicron Variant : The New Deadly Virus

At the end of the year 2019 the renowned COVID-19, one of the deadliest viruses known to mankind, began spreading rapidly all over the world. Taking hundreds of thousands of lives. Since then, people have lived in continual terror of becoming infected and have sought to protect themselves via different forms of seclusion and social distance. Due to the increasing rise in cases and overcrowding in hospitals, many people have turned to HOME HEALTH CARE SERVICES and have begun hiring ICU TRAINED NURSES AT HOME for assistance. It was complete chaos.

Until recently, the number of daily cases started falling. With the help of the COVID-19 vaccination, the virus started getting confined. People were getting closer and closer to getting back with their normal lives after years of living with this virus. However, mother nature had some other plans. With the decrease in the number of coronavirus cases, a new and advanced version of the former variant, the Delta variant of COVID-19 came to the surface. The omicron variant. This new variant of COVID-19 revived the fear of people. It has made them get into isolation and take precautionary measures once again.

What Is The Omicron Variant?

Since the first coronavirus variation arose, scientists and researchers have been certain that more coronavirus variants will emerge. The first coronavirus variation discovered was SARS-CoV-2. However, this new variety is termed the Omicron variant. The variation still needs a lot of research and testing before the development of a vaccine. However, some of the major facts about this variant are:

  • COVID-19’s Omicron variant is a novel and advanced viral strain. COVID-19 delta variant was the previous version of this variant.
  • This variant has easier transmission in comparison to the previous variant. 
  • Because of the mutation in this virus, a significantly larger number of people are bound to get infected.
  • Even though this variant is a boosted version of COVID-19’s delta variant, the effect of this variant is less severe.
  • Even people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are at risk of getting this disease.
  • As compared to the previous variant, this new variant has 50 mutations.

How And When Did It Start Spreading?

There are a few theories as to how this variant came into being, however, there is no evidence of how it began. Many sources confirmed that this variant was first identified in South Africa. However, there is no specific location that can be considered the main origin of this variant. However, in November 2021, its identity was verified. A total of 33 instances of this new variety were reported on November 30th. This report was only specific to Europe. Therefore, it is almost impossible to figure out the exact date of when this variant started spreading all around the world.  

Is Omicron More Dangerous Than The Previous Variant?

As mentioned before Omicron variant is less severe as compared to the Delta variant of COVID-19. But this does not mean that this virus is any less dangerous. As we all know, even those who have been vaccinated are susceptible to the virus; no one is immune. Moreover, numerous physicians and scientists have established that this virus has a different impact on the body and organs than the Delta form. People with a severe case of the omicron virus may need hospital administration. As compared to the delta variant this variant also has a significantly minor death toll. It does not mean that the death toll is completely non-existent.

Number Of People Infected 

Because this variant has a higher rate of transmission than the delta variant, the number of omicron instances is expected to increase. However, for now, the cases haven’t started skyrocketing as it was for the delta variant. As for Pakistan, there is a total of 75 people till now who have been affected by this variant. However, India has developed a fairly larger number of cases. The number of cases of COVID-19 in India has now crossed 140 thousand cases per day. It is certainly alarming, but this count also includes those affected by the omicron variant. Since the omicron variant is less severe, people have a sense of relief.

Visible And Common Symptoms Of The Omicron Variant  

Most of the visible symptoms of the omicron variant are similar to those of the delta variant. Some people are also likely to have different symptoms than the people around them. However, if you have any of the following symptoms then consult a doctor immediately:

  • Having a fever or chills
  • Coughing excessively
  • Having difficulty in catching breath and breathing normally.
  • Pain in various parts of the body and fatigue
  • Having headaches that don’t seem to go quickly
  • Having a sore throat
  • Other symptoms of the flu such as runny rose or congestion
  • Feeling nausea and/or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of senses mainly taste and smell

Some people also showed symptoms like the discoloration of fingers, a rash on the skin, watery or irritated red eyes, effect on mobility and speech, chest pain, etc. Most people are neglecting these symptoms and are not taking these symptoms seriously. They think that since this variant is less dangerous than the Delta variant why should they be worried. This infection, however, should not be handled lightly. This virus is alarming just like the previous one.

A Vaccine For Omicron Virus

The cure for this virus depends on the severity of the disease itself. Various at-home remedies can help treat this disease. However, others may need hospital admission. Unlike the delta variant, no vaccination for omicron is available at the moment. However, some precautionary measures can help prevent the spreading of this virus. Many healthcare organizations have come forward with their PATIENT CARE SERVICES that are helping people get treated at home. In fact, many organizations in Pakistan now offer HOME NURSING CARE in LAHORE, Islamabad, Karachi, and other major cities. Now, people don’t have to visit hospitals in order to get treated. They can have the healthcare professionals and their service at home.

Precautionary Measures To Protect Ourselves Against The Omicron Virus

Because this virus is contagious and spreads from person to person, the most important preventative measures are social isolation and isolation.

  • Getting vaccinated against the delta version is the first step in lowering one’s risk of catching the omicron variation.
  • Physical isolation from one other is strongly advised in such situations. This includes avoiding large gatherings no matter how important the occasion. Maintaining a distance of six feet from the people around you.
  • Masks have proved to be very effective against the delta variant. It is greatly effective against the omicron variant as well. There are many new kinds of masks available in the market. Masks prevent the transmission of this virus as the major source of emission is the nose and the mouth.
  • Using a hand sanitizer before and after touching anything can also help fight against this virus. Additionally, using sanitizing sprays for products brought into the house can prove effective.
  • The government has also taken major steps to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. As responsible citizens, we must abide by the rules. It is for our own safety. 

If only we all take these small steps individually, we can get rid of the virus.

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