Speech and Language Pathologist

Qualified Speech and Language Pathologist

We have a team of qualified Speech Therapists and Language Pathologists who go above and beyond therapy to help people achieve the power of communication and quality of life they want. For children or elderly people who want help with speech therapy in the comfort of their home, Holistic Healthcare Services connects them to a team of expert speech therapists with proper knowledge, experience, and specialties.

Holistic Healthcare Services provides speech therapy services to patients in their homes in Pakistan. Our specialized team of speech therapists will guide you with immense care and compassion through your therapeutic journey. Our registered speech therapists are ready to lead you on the path to an improved quality of life.

Qualified Speech Therapists

Our senior speech pathologists focus on improving speech and abilities to comprehend and express language. The approach used by our speech therapy providers is different for every client depending on the condition and intensity of the disorder.

We pride ourselves in providing speech therapy services in the comfort of your home because we understand that it’s not easy for children, elderly or disabled individuals to visit a clinic regularly. From physical exercises to speech drills and sound production practice, various treatment options help rectify speech and communication disorders.

Experienced Speech-Language Pathologists

Holistic Healthcare is termed as the best healthcare provider of top speech-language pathologists. Our specialized speech therapy providers can deal with all kinds of speech-related problems including language and voice problems e.g. stammering, stuttering, delayed speech, language misarticulation, etc.

A comprehensive assessment is carried out for each patient based on which a customized treatment plan is prepared using the latest and advanced technology. Our highly trained specialists offer a wide variety of services.

Why Choose Home Speech Therapy?

Home Speech Therapy providers help children and adults experiencing difficulty in communicating with those around them or struggling in the classroom. Speech and Language Therapy provided by our knowledgeable speech therapists will help children to develop numerous skills. Our therapists and speech pathologists can also address a variety of concerns that may have been identified by parents and/or teachers.

If you have any concerns about your child’s talking, understanding, or use of language, please feel free to get in touch with us 03 111 678 679. We will gladly provide advice and offer practical suggestions to implement at home, and discuss whether or not Speech Therapy is advisable.

Registered Speech Therapists

We provide the best speech therapy process and our speech therapists are great at recognizing early signs of difficulties. Moreover, we make sure to address and resolve problems as quickly as possible because it minimizes the likelihood that children develop anxiety and suffer reduced confidence and self-esteem as a result of longstanding difficulties that have gone untreated. Addressing speech-language delays as soon as they are identified tends to maximize the progress made in therapy.

Assessment by Professional Experts

Assessments are carried out by our experienced speech therapists at home to allow children and elderly individuals to be tested in an environment in which they feel relaxed and comfortable. An initial assessment takes place to make a detailed case history of the client to determine any background information which is vital to understanding the current areas of concern. Our specialized speech therapists use a range of formal assessments to evaluate listening and auditory skills.

If therapy is recommended, it will be provided in the comfort of your own home! Therapy aims will be taken directly from the findings of the initial assessment and the activities planned to target these will be linked to your child’s interests to ensure that therapy is fun, motivating, and stimulating the process.

Contact us at 03 111 678 679 to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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