Wound Healing Tips For Nurses and Healthcare Providers

Common Reasons Why wounds Might Not Heal Effectively

A wound is a type of injury that happens when skin is torn, cut, or punctured, or when direct force trauma causes a bruise. In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury that damages the dermis of the skin.

Wounds Healing

Wound Healing Tips For Nurses and Healthcare Providers

It can be very difficult to determine why your patient’s wound won’t heal. You may have taken proper care and followed all the steps when initiating treatment of the wound. There are a variety of factors that can prevent the wound’s healing process. It is very important to know why the wound might not be healing so that you can manage your patient’s wound accordingly in order to put them in a healing state.


Skin is the body’s first line of barrier and action against infection. At the point when this barrier breaks, bacteria from the outside world can get into the body through the open injury. If by any chance, the wound is contaminated, you may see redness, swelling, irritation, and even bad liquid inside and around it. At this time, it is very important to examine the kind of microscopic organisms or bacteria that entered the injury to make sure that the body can continue back to its ordinary course of the natural wound healing process. However, if unfortunately it is not captured at the moment, the wound won’t heal that easily.

Poor circulation

At the point when your body is attempting to repair a wound, your red platelets convey new cells to the injury site to start reconstructing important tissue structures. Poor blood circulation can slow down this procedure, making the time it takes for the injury to recover longer than usual. There are various reasons one may have poor circulation including diabetes, bulkiness, blood thickness, or any other hidden condition. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to enhance blood flow, for example, practicing or lifting the injury.


Diet plays a vital role in any kind of wound healing. All kinds of nutrition are important for your body as each of them plays its own part. Similarly, the body cannot build new tissue without an adequate supply of protein. Insufficient nutrition is an often-overlooked reason as to why a wound will not heal. Malnutrition and insufficient protein intake fundamentally prevent the wound-healing process until they are mended.


A diabetic’s elevated blood sugar level can slow down the circulation and adversely affect the immune system of a patient, creating an increase in the risk of gaining an infection. Moreover, it can also damage the nerves that signal pain, leading to more wounds healing simply because a diabetic may not necessarily know when and where something is hurting.

Repetitive trauma

When a wound is a victim of repetitive pressure due to rubbing against a surface or any other reason that causes repetitive trauma to it, it is more likely to have a longer period of healing, and in some cases, the healing process may even stop completely. Similarly, if you have multiple wounds healing or have undergone simple shock, your body’s defense mechanisms will be limited which slows down the wound repair.

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