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Elderly Care Tips Every Caregiver Should Know

Generally, it is perceived all around the world that when an individual grows older, he/she starts acting like a child. This might be true to some extent, as both are vulnerable and both are dependent on other members of their family. However, the attitude of handling a child and caring for the elderly patient differ on a large scale and we as a society need to understand the difference and act accordingly.

Some people may not agree with this, but almost everyone has to go through the phase of caring for the elderly in their family at one stage or another. However, due to busy work routines nowadays, they might not be able to give proper care to their elders and should get help from a professional home care assistant to provide better senior care for their elderly loved ones.

Likewise, if you are providing that companion care yourself to the elderly in your home, you must understand these few things about a skilled caregiver:

Eating Healthy

Elderly home care starts with healthy eating habits. Food that is nutritious can only make the elderly feel better and more energized. Swallowing or chewing might be an issue due to the age factor, and loneliness and depression might affect one’s meal routines. However, in order to counter such issues, a nice diet chart would help them regain their healthy dietary habits. A nutritionist might be contacted in order to get a nutrition chart as per the health and medication routine of the elderly.

Talk the Talk

Talking with your older family member may seem like an alternative to the companionship that they might need at this stage of their life. To add to their comfort and prevent damaging their self-esteem, there are some key considerations that should be taken into account:

  • They must be spoken to in a respectful manner
  • Asking open-ended questions and allowing them to answer thoroughly without interrupting
  • Keep communication simple, and positive
  • Always establish eye contact, and use the elderly’s name when talking to them
  • Touch your loved one or hold her/his hand to encourage conversation


As it is said:

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world”.

A major part of senior care includes help with daily cleaning activities like bathing or getting dressed.

Helping the elderly individual with grooming, bathing, and getting dressed can affect their emotional and mental well-being. Whether it’s about neatly combed hair, clean clothes, or even a touch of lipstick or cologne, these small details can help the elderly feel fresh and feel good about themselves. Encourage your loved ones to keep themselves neat and clean every day as long as it is not difficult for them.

Exercise Daily

Physical activity and exercise are very important for the elderly individual as it is one of the major factors in elderly home care which not only keeps the elderly going and healthy but also sparks up their will to go on the extra mile.

Exercise helps keep the heart, muscles, and joints in better shape. Look for ways to help your elderly while giving home care assistance yourself that they stay active as much as their condition permits. However, always remember to ask their doctor before starting any new activities or exercises with them.

You can also use the following tricks to help your elderly in staying active:

  • Make a possibility of taking a daily walk together, depending on how much your elderly patient can do
  • If walking is difficult for the elderly ones, they may enjoy riding a stationary bike, which may also be a lower impact on knees and joints
  • Make sure that your elderly loved one stays properly hydrated all day long

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