Hire a General Home Nurse for your Patient

Are you looking for General Home Nurse for a Loved one?

Hiring a general home nurse for your loved one could probably be the most favorable decision for you as well as the patient. Holistic Healthcare Services provides this service for the benefit of patients who want to get their treatment done within the vicinity of their own homes. A general nurse can take care of the patient at their home just like a nurse would take care of the patient at the hospital.

With a well collaborated and capable team of male and female nurses, we aim for the well-being and health of our patients. Our nurses are just a call away and whenever you hire our service, we will be there to take over the entire responsibility of the patient.

What is a General Nurse?

Basically, a general nurse is a registered nurse employed to provide patient care services to the patient within the comfort of their own home. The patient could be of any age, adult or child. Similarly, the patient could be disabled, physically or mentally. We employ nurses that are completely capable of dealing with such patients.

A general nurse would be at the service of the patient for as long as needed and necessary. The nurse would come at a fixed time, and depending upon the condition of the patient and the requirement of the family members, would then leave the house.

What do General Nurses do?

A qualified and competent general nurse might complete a great variety of tasks. Most of these tasks depend upon the condition of the patient and the type of care needed. Some patients may not be ill but they may be in their recovery stage, while some require serious care due to being critically ill. Then there are patients who are quite aged and all they require is time and someone to talk to. Apart from this, home nurses may also be required for small children who are physically weak or for disabled patients as well.

Some of the tasks that a general home nurse does are:

  • Evaluates a plan for the care of the patient
  • Looks up to their medical routine and medicines
  • Cleans the patient and dresses their wounds
  • Advises upon the diet plan the patient should follow
  • Monitors the health of the patient
  • Updates the family members about the condition of the patient
  • Spends time with the patient and entertains them
  • Decides if the patient needs to have a checkup from the doctor
  • Supports and encourages the patient
  • Suggests on certain improvements that could be done

These are some of the everyday tasks that a general home nurse does. In short, a general nurse takes over the entire responsibility of the patient and takes care of their needs.

How can we help?

At Holistic Healthcare Services, we provide shifts in two slots: one is a 12-hour shift and one is a 24-hour shift. You can select the shift that you think is best for your patient. In order to find details about our general home nursing services, you can call us at 03 111 678 679 and talk with our healthcare professional. If you want to hire our services, we are just a call away!

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