Hire a Registered ICU Nurse for your Loved One

Hire a Registered ICU Nurse for your Loved One

Holistic Healthcare Services provides you the opportunity of hiring a professional and registered ICU nurse for your patient. We take great pride in serving our patients with utmost care and wish for their well-being and good health. We have been providing healthcare services to patients in major cities of Pakistan, particularly in Punjab and surrounding areas, for over a decade now. We make it easy for you to hire a registered ICU nurse to take care of your loved one.

Our team comprises of male and female nurses that are trained according to high level standards fit enough to deal with every patient. We also have specialized staff that consists of registered ICU nurses whom you can easily hire. The nurse can provide service to the patient at your home or at the hospital.

What does an Intensive Care Unit Nurse do?

An intensive care unit nurse has a lot of responsibility of the patient since the condition of such patients is very critical. An intensive care unit nurse usually has to deal with patients whose condition is life-threatening or who are critically ill.

Some of the daily tasks and responsibilities of an intensive care unit nurse are to:

  • Monitor the patient’s condition and deposition
  • Take care of the patient, documents, and procedures
  • Visualize the treatment and create treatment plans
  • Make use of advanced and latest equipment to treat the patient
  • Be in contact with doctors and other nurses
  • Move the patients to comfort care if they are towards the end of their lives
  • Work with a team to devise a plan for the stability of patients
  • Make quick decisions when required especially during emergency situations
  • Be aware of lifesaving treatments to apply them when needed promptly without wasting time
  • Be in touch with any change or improvement in the patient condition
  • Give updates about the patient’s condition to their family members, educate them about the illness of the patient and support them

Listed above are the daily tasks of an intensive care unit nurse.

What do we do?

At Holistic Healthcare Services, we have trained and registered intensive care unit nurses that are available for the service of patients. We provide valuable training sessions to our nurses and only when they are capable enough to handle all kinds of critically ill patients, they are hired.

Our nurses are cooperative and reliable and they provide patients with the best of services. They take the entire responsibility of the patient and monitor them very closely. You can call us at 03 111 678 679 to know more about our Intensive Care Unit services.

How can we help?

If you are looking for a registered Intensive Care Unit nurse for your loved one, then you can contact us and we will be at your service. In order to know more about our intensive care unit services, call us at 03 111 678 679.

It might be the most difficult time of your life to have your loved one slowly drifting away from you and we understand your pain. Hiring our services can bring some positivity and you can trust us with our services as we assure you that we work with sincerity. Contact us if your patient or loved one needs intensive care.

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